The "Day of" Checklist will walk your officiant through everything (big and little) that needs to be done on your wedding day.

The "Day of" checklist, like the rehearsal checklist, is tailored specially for your wedding ceremony.  Here are some examples of instructions from a sample "Day of" Checklist:

Before the wedding ceremony--
___Go to ceremony site and make sure it is set up as planned and that all props (for handfasting, sand ceremony, wine ceremony, etc.) are present.  If the props are not present, check with the bride/groom (or wedding planner) as to their location.  Get them and set everything up yourself.

___ Test out the audio system with the DJ/audio person.  Go to actual spot where you will be standing and read the opening part of the ceremony.  If more than one microphone will be used (i.e., one for you and one for the reader), test both of them.

___ Give a copy of the final 2 pages of the script to the DJ/musician and go over exactly how the ceremony ends and exactly when the recessional music should start.

___ Go over the outline of the ceremony with the photographer.

___ Check with the best man to make sure that he has the rings.

___ If the real rings will be on the ringbearer’s pillow, make sure they are tied on tightly enough so that they won’t fall off but not so tightly that you won’t be able to get them off.

___ Talk with the members of the wedding party -- no gum; no sunglasses (unless absolutely necessary); cell phones turned off!