A wedding is all about love...but it's also a legal act

The laws of the state & county where you are getting married need to be followed precisely

Is it legal to have a friend officiate your wedding? Wed by a Friend will verify if your friend’s ordination credentials are valid in the state and county where your wedding will take place. 

In some locales, wedding officiants need to register prior to the wedding; in others, the officiant must provide a “letter of good standing.”  Wed by a Friend will alert your officiant if any of these requirements need to be met.

You need to obtain a marriage license. The requirements for this vary from place to place.  Wed by a Friend will make sure you know how, when and where to get your marriage license.

Your officiant must accurately and correctly complete the marriage license, secure the signatures of witnesses and submit the license to the appropriate governmental office. Wed by a Friend will give clear instructions to your officiant regarding these very important tasks.