A key to being a great officiant is to be prepared for the unexpected.

The WEDDING DAY DILEMMA PLAYBOOK doesn't just describe situations and snafus that might arise right before or during a wedding ceremony.  it tells your officiant how to handle them. 

Take a look at some excerpts from this guide:


The props for the Unity Wine Ceremony were forgotten --  Ask the venue coordinator or bartender for 2 glasses of white wine (one of which has a splash of cranberry juice in it so it looks like a rose) and 1 empty wine glass.

The ceremony start time will be delayed by 20 minutes or more -- Make an announcement to the guests or ask the DJ to make an announcement.  “We have a slight delay to the beginning of the ___ and ___’s wedding ceremony.  We anticipate it starting in approximately ___ minutes.”  If you wish, you may add, "Bride and Groom hope you can use this time to get to know some of the guests seated around you."

During the ceremony

There are loud distractions (train whistles, planes or helicopters overhead, sirens, etc.) -- Just take a pensive pause. Don’t try to fight the noise.

The reader forgot to bring the reading -- Good thing you have the reading in your script book! Simply pass your script book to the reader.

The wedding arch starts swaying with the wind and looks like it might collapse.-- Quietly ask two groomsmen to stand behind the arch and hold it for the remainder of the ceremony.

The bride and/or groom become emotional during vows. -- Pause.  Get a tissue or handkerchief from the maid of honor and give it to the person who is not crying so that he/she can wipe the tears of the other.  (It will make a lovely moment.)  Tell the emotional person to take a deep breath and give him/her time to get composed before carrying on.